Posted by: Luke Ford | November 9, 2008

Getting to Medjugorje from Dubrovnik

Medjugorje is a beautiful little town located in the lush green mountains of Bosnia & Herzegovina, famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. Medjugorje has now become one of the most visited sites in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with devout Catholics aiming to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime.

Many decide to take a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months. Of course, some people cannot afford such privilege and instead opt for a shorter trip to Medjugorje. Located just a few hours from the popular Dubrovnik in Croatia, it’s possible to take either a bus to Medjugorje or one of the many private tours available.

St. James Church - Medjugorje

St. James Church - Medjugorje

If you would like to visit Medjugorje from Dubrovnik and are on a budget (or enjoy public transport!) then consider taking taking a bus from Dubrovnik to Medjugorje. The ticket costs around EUR 10 and leaves the main bus station of Dubrovnik at 17:15 daily, arriving in Medjugorje at 21:10. So be sure you book your Medjugorje Hotel before arriving! Read More…

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Selecting Budget Accommodation in Sarajevo

Over the past 10 years significant improvements have been made to the budget accommodation available to travellers in Sarajevo. With both modern hotels standing alongside traditional Bosnian home stays and pensions, travellers will have no trouble finding somewhere comfortable to rest and at a decent price too!

If you’re researching budget accommodation in Sarajevo you first need to determine the amount you’re willing to spend. It may be that what you’re willing to spend on hostel in neighboring Croatia, will get you a fairly decent mid-range hotel in Sarajevo. As a benchmark, you can be looking at EUR 15 for the very basic up to around EUR 45 for something very nice and comfortable. You want to also consider that food and transport in Sarajevo is fairly cheap and so spending a bit more on accommodation might not be such a bad thing.

Pigeon Square in Sarajevo

Pigeon Square in Sarajevo

Lonely Planet hasn’t reviewed too many hotels in Sarajevo. It’s a shame because Sarajevo is such an incredible place to visit and should really be on every travellers ‘must see’ list. Fortunately, the guys and girls at Greenvisions have partnered with to create the travel site,

We founded our company on the principles of balance and harmony between man and nature,” says Thierry Joubert of Greenvisions,”We’ve pioneered a movement in creating alternative means of sustainable development while maintaining an eco-friendly approach to all that we do.” Read More…

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Summer in the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina: friendly people, ever so tasty but waist enhancing Burek, preserved alpine villages, incredible mountain peaks…. it really has it all! This summer consider a trip down to captivating Bosnia & Herzegovina for a memorable trip that will no doubt rate high in the adventure and fun cateogory.

The capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina is Sarajevo, one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. A multi-religious melting pot where the eastern and western Roman Empire split; where the people of the Eastern Orthodox east, the Ottoman south and the Roman Catholic west met, co-existed and warred. A real city of contradictions, on one hand Sarajevo stands as a stark example of historical turbulence and the clash of European and Arabic civilizations, while on the other it offers a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-religious, multi-cultural integration.

Ancient Tombstones in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ancient Tombstones in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Continue reading this travel article on the blog:  Bosnia and Herzegovina – Look Beyond its Recent Past to a Greener Future.

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Green Visions: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Very few people will consider spending their next holiday in post-war Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Just mentioning the place conjures up memories of the devastating war that occurred in the 1990s. However, over the last decade significant development and improvements to the tourism infrastructure have taken place. It’s a destination with stunning nature, a fascinating blend of cultures, friendly people, UNESCO Heritage listed sites as well as world famous Balkan cuisine.  The capital Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan city with trendy bars and cafes. In the surrounding mountains and countryside of Sarajevo there are plenty of things to see and do. The 1984 Winter Olympics were held at Jahorina Resort and it’s one of the cheapest and least crowded skiing destinations in Europe. 


Green Visions was founded on the principles of balance and harmony between man and nature. Read more about this article at the Make Travel Fair site here.

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Tourist Visas for Bosnia & Herzegovina

When travelling to Bosnia & Herzegovina it is essential to check visa requirements before travelling. You don’t want to end up at the Sarajevo Airport, only to find yourself on the next flight out of there! Don’t risk it and check the latest Bosnia visa requirements at the Bosnia & Herzegovina Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visas in Bosnia

Visas in Bosnia

If you are a citizen of; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Israel, Japan, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom or the European Union, you don’t need a visa before arriving. When you do arrive in the country you’ll simply pay the arrival tax after clearing customs, a fee of no more than EUR 20. Read More…

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Skiing in Bosnia

It’s that time year to dust off your skis and plan a winter getaway to the slopes! Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is Austria, Switzerland or France, where you can expect some excellent conditions. However, if you’re looking to escape the crowds and visit a destination with stunning scenery, fantastic conditions, friendly locals, all without breaking the bank, then try skiing in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Skiing in Jahorina

Skiing in Jahorina

Bosnia & Herzegovina offers three ski resorts all within a short drive from the capital city, Sarajevo. The three ski resorts include, Igman, Bjelasnica and home to the 1984 Winter Olympics, Jahorina. Probably the best skiing can be had at Jahorina, not as high as Bjelasnica, but always with plenty of snow. Jahorina has some 20 ski runs perfect for skiers and snowboarders of various skill levels, those looking for adventure or those with young children. In fact, some ski runs in Jahorina are up to 1.5 km in length! Jahorina also has up to 8 lifts operating able to take 7,500 visitors an hour. While there are very few snow machines, you can be guaranteed a great time skiing in Bosnia & Herzegovina! Click here if you want a live webcam of Jahorina! Read More…

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Flights to Sarajevo

Many would know Sarajevo only by the images seen on their television in the early 90’s… a place of sadness and destruction. However, Sarajevo has now recovered and has emerged as a charming and friendly destination with a beautiful old town, trendy cafes and a happening nightlife!

If you can afford to fly directly into Sarajevo, try Turkish Airlines, Malev Airlines or Austrian Airlines. All these airlines fly direct from their ports and connect with pretty much every main city in Europe, and many destinations around the world. Make sure you check the prices often as they can go up-and-down depending on the day. Return tickets usually go for about $400 – $600 if you’re lucky!

Low Cost Flights to Sarajevo

Low Cost Flights to Sarajevo

As a relatively new destination on the travellers must-see list, Sarajevo is a difficult place to find cheap flights from the main cities of Europe. There are no discount airlines to Sarajevo and travelling by bus or train is at least a 12-36 hour journey depending on where you currently are located.  Try Eurolines if you are keen on booking a bus to Sarajevo. Read More…

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A Green Oasis in Herzegovina

If you’re looking for an experience that gets you back to nature in Bosnia & Herzegovina then you cannot miss the incredible Hutovo Blato Nature Park. Situated in the South of Herzegovina, just 30km from the historical city of Mostar, Hutovo Blato offers travellers the chance to experience a Mediterranean swamp with plenty of flora and fauna! This national park is in fact one of the largest Winter bird ports, so if you’re a keen birdwatcher then you definitely want to put this place on your itinerary and bring a camera!

Hutovo Blato Nature Park

Hutovo Blato Nature Park

The landscape of Hutovo Blato is quite unique with lost rivers, valleys and gorges, with some lakes below the level of sea creating true crypto depressions. A green paradise with an abundance of plant life spanning swampland, meadows and forest. One such project has determined through their research that the favorable environmental conditions and influence of Mediterranean climate, more than 600 floral species were identified in the nature park.

Fortuna Tours, the local travel connection in the city of Mostar, offers some great tours of the region and the city of Mostar as well. If you are visiting Bosnia & Herzegovina you mustn’t miss out on this stunning green oasis. If you are really keen you can… Read More…