Posted by: Luke Ford | June 11, 2009

Summer in the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina: friendly people, ever so tasty but waist enhancing Burek, preserved alpine villages, incredible mountain peaks…. it really has it all! This summer consider a trip down to captivating Bosnia & Herzegovina for a memorable trip that will no doubt rate high in the adventure and fun cateogory.

The capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina is Sarajevo, one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. A multi-religious melting pot where the eastern and western Roman Empire split; where the people of the Eastern Orthodox east, the Ottoman south and the Roman Catholic west met, co-existed and warred. A real city of contradictions, on one hand Sarajevo stands as a stark example of historical turbulence and the clash of European and Arabic civilizations, while on the other it offers a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-religious, multi-cultural integration.

Ancient Tombstones in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ancient Tombstones in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Continue reading this travel article on the blog:  Bosnia and Herzegovina – Look Beyond its Recent Past to a Greener Future.


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